Introducing the Brand Strategy Group of Ellijay

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Welcome to the Brand Strategy Group of Ellijay.  We are a small marketing firm committed to helping small business succeed by creating loyal customers. My name is Molly Elmore and I have worked in advertising & marketing for over 20 years, primarily for Fortune 100 brands with millions to spend on their marketing efforts.  Three years ago, I left that world to start my own consumer products company, and thought it would be easy to apply everything I had learned on my own business.

It was not easy.  It was much harder and more work than I ever thought it would be.

The big difference between my business and the hundreds that I had worked for was MONEY.  They had loads and I had very little.  There is a famous quote in the advertising world that I think of often " Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the trouble is I don't know which half."  That quote terrifies me as a small business owner.

So how did I grow my business with a nearly non-existent marketing budget?  I used (and still use) as many free or inexpensive marketing tools as I can.  Services like Facebook, Instagram & Mail Chimp are cost effective ways to speak with your current & future customers.  Design tools like Canva & Pic Monkey are fantastic tools to create marketing materials.  

But more importantly, I started to read about marketing.  How marketing influences people.  How consumers process information.  What makes consumers buy.  And I applied those principles to my own business.  And they worked.  

My goal at the Brand Strategy Group of Ellijay is to help other small businesses apply those same principles to their own business.  Feel free to download out free marketing guides, such as:

What struggles to you face in your small business?  Comment below and we can tackle that topic in a future blog post.