Your Customers Don't Care About you

That may sound harsh but it is true.  Your customers care about themselves.  They care about their families, their jobs and their problems.  Their problems vary from day to day and resolving those problems is a priority.

The brands and businesses that we encounter can help us solve those problems - big and small. Some problems are obvious like a broken dishwasher or birthday gift for their spouse.  Some are better defined as 'needs' - something to help destress after a rough week, or a way to create memories with their family while on vacation.

As a business, when you have the opportunity to engage with a customer, the TOP priority should always be explaining how you can help your customers.  When you write your "About Us" section of your website, you really should be talking about your customers and their needs.  A well written "About Us" section explains clearly how you help your customers.  That will compel a new customer to take the action that you want them to, whether that is a call, a visit or a request for more info.

The job of your website, and all of your marketing efforts, is to compel your customer to take the action that you want them to.  Keep that goal in mind always when working on your marketing efforts and you will see a dramatic increase in customers getting in touch with you.

"About Us" = "About Your Customer"

Want a few examples?  Think about what would make you respond to each business.

1. Landscaping business

Ineffective 'About Us':

Joe started mowing lawns when he was 14 to earn extra money, and realized that a business was born! Over the years, Joe grew the company and added additional services such as flower planting, lawn treatment and hedge trimming. After 26 years servicing the area, Joe and his team know how to take care of your lawn!

Effective 'About Us':

At Landscaper Joe's, we understand that your yard is part of your home. It is the first thing your friends and family see when they arrive. A beautiful yard is a reflection of you the pride you take in where you live.  We are committed to making sure that your yard looks well cared for and inviting.  An impressive yard is great for your home value too!

2. Local Winery

Ineffective 'About Us':

Mike & Jane fell in love with wine on a trip to Napa and decided to start their own winery!  Sourcing the best possible grapes from California, Winery X makes outstanding wines aged in 100% French Oak for 18 months.  Be sure to visit our winery for a tour of our new wine caves!

Effective 'About Us':

Our winery prides itself on welcoming our guests and making every visit a memorable experience.  Years of wine making traditions exude from every area of our property, from the acres of sprawling vines to the awe-inspiring wine caves and our new glass enclosed tasting room.  A visit to wine country would not be complete without a tour of (and tasting!) our winery.  Let us know if you are celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary so that we can make your visit extra special!

Which versions are most appealing to you?