What is a Marketing Strategy?

A brand strategy is similar to the blueprint for building a house.  It is the plan to consistently communicate the value of a brand to the target audience.  

In the house analogy, you could build a house without a blueprint.  You could buy a bunch of wood, nails & drywall and just start building.  You will definitely proceed more slowly, make mistakes and waste a lot of money with an unplanned approach. 

A brand strategy outlines the following:

- What does the brand do for people?  What exactly is the product or service?

- Does the brand solve a painful problem or bring pleasure?  (A)

- How do people feel after using the brand's product or service?

Target Audience:

- Who will benefit MOST from the brand's product or service (the target audience?

- What do we know about the target audience?

- What elements of A resonate BEST with the target?


- How do we explain the product or service to the target?

- What specific words / phrases / imagery do they connect with best?

- What is the result of using product / service that should be the emphasis (this is referred to as the "why" vs the "what")


- using the information above, how can the information about the offer be consistently and effectively communicated to the target?  This is usually a combination of different media tactics


- Which is the communication tactics are working best?

- How can cost effective testing be implemented to determine which elements of a tactic are most effective (the copy (words), the imagery, the offer, the media)

A brand strategy system evolves with the brand.  Each element outlined above is regularly reviewed & revised based on new information, customer feedback and changes in the market.  Effective marketing programs are quick to react so that they never become stale or ineffective.

The cost to a brand of proceeding without a strategy:

- The marketing messages go to the wrong people

- The marketing messages are not clear or are confusing which means the target does not connect with the brand's value

- Lost revenue because customers who would like to buy the product or service are not reached by effective marketing.