The Cost of Staying Where You Are

Last week, I signed a lease for new commercial space. It was another one of the BIG decisions I have made for my business. More money and longer lease (with $$ consequences if I break it). A lot of thought went into this move.

Ultimately, I asked myself - If I stay where I am, what will that cost me?

My current space has issues (mostly related to water, layout & utilities). As a result of those issues, I slowed down bringing on new wholesale clients in the past few months. I made excuses that led to inaction.

I realized that if we stayed put for another year and passed on the opportunity at the new space, my momentum was going to suffer. My business would not continue to grow at the rate it had the past few years. I would not be hiring more people to join my team.

The cost of staying in the same place was far greater than the cost of moving.

I asked one of my coaching clients the same question when she was deciding whether to enroll in my program. “What is the cost of staying where you are and continuing to figure it out on your own?”

Her business was generating $400 a month and she wants to get to $3,000. She knew that every month she stayed in the same place cost her over $2K in lost opportunity. The cost of NOT making a move was greater than the investment in her business.

The cool thing about momentum - when something lights a fire in me, I will push through anything and everything to keep going. I use pressure to generate momentum.

Yesterday, I brought on a new wholesale account with incredible potential. I let signing the new lease put pressure on me, so I took action. And the coolest thing is that this new account needs me - her adorable store does not have wonderful bath & body products. She was so thankful that I walked through her door and is really excited to have a new revenue stream.

Ask yourself when faced with big decisions:

What is the cost of staying where I am? 
What is the cost of doing the same things I have been doing?