We want to help your small business build a loyal customer base. 

One of the biggest challenges of owning a small business is working with a very limited marketing budget. 

Every dollar must be spent wisely. 

We understand that and want to show you inexpensive yet very effective tools that we can use together to grow your brand.

Here is how we can help your brand create loyal customers:

Target Audience Refinement

A successful marketing program needs a clearly defined ideal customer that can be reached through marketing programs.  The more specific the target audience, the more cost effective the marketing plan. 

Brand Story Development

The secret to capturing the attention of your audience is to develop a story where they are the hero, and your brand is their guide.  This puts your customer at the center of all of the marketing you do for your business.

Marketing Calendar Design

A monthly schedule of marketing tactics that small businesses with limited budgets can implement to attract loyal customers.

Coaching & Accountability

A fantastic marketing plan that never gets implemented is the same as no marketing plan at all.  We help ensure that all of the great ideas for your business get in front of your customers.