We understand that running a small businesses is tough. 

It feels like you are pulled in many directions at once because your job description includes, well "everything".

Our goal is simple. 

We want to help you grow your business faster than you could if you did it on your own. 

We want to help you find your future customers find you.  They are waiting to benefit from your products and services. 

We want to take the stress out of running an effective marketing plan.

We want to help you become more profitable business that you are destined to be.

How CAN WE HELP YOU GROW your business?

1. We create marketing strategies that resonate with your customers.  This means we help articulate how your business is a specialist in your field, and the value that your customers feel after using your products or services.  The strategies include a few effective ways to communicate with your customers, and the steps are broken down in a stress-free marketing calendar that you can fit into your schedule.

2. We ensure that the marketing engine running on time.  Small business owners are pulled in many directions on a regular basis, and often the marketing efforts get put to the back burner.  However, there is a real cost to inconsistent marketing efforts and we prevent our clients from losing those customers and revenue.

3. We measure which marketing works for your brand, and adjust the strategy accordingly.  Small businesses MUST be efficient to succeed and we ensure our clients do not spend resources on tactics that are not effective.

If you are eager to grow your business and attract the customers that are waiting to benefit from your product or services, please schedule a free strategy session.  You are more than welcome to use any of the ideas we provide in the session even if you decide not to work with us.

The Brand Strategy Group of Ellijay was founded by Molly Elmore.  Molly has worked in the advertising and marketing sector for 20+ years across every product and service sector, for primarily Fortune 100 brands. 

In 2015, she began her career as a small business marketer with the launch of Ridgeway Soapworks, followed by Kalmia Botanicals and The River Street Farmers Market.  Both of her parents have owned small businesses her entire life and she is very familiar with the struggles, and rewards, of that world.

The mission of The Brand Strategy Group of Ellijay is to help small businesses succeed using big business strategies (but small biz budgets).  Small businesses have the power to transform families, towns & struggling economies and we are passionate about our role to support small businesses.

Ms. Elmore's professional resume & work history is available here in LinkedIn.